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Chinese are becoming investors first, tourists second in Thailand

Chinese demand for real estate in Thailand is at an apogee, but the Beijing government’s drive to control capital flight could hinder such demand, according to a new report by Financial Times Confidential Research (FTCR). Surveying 108 investors, FTCR found that Chinese buyers, mostly only “moderately wealthy” and put off by skyrocketing values in the mainland, are […]

Acquisition of Land in Thailand by a Foreign Government

The acquisition of land or a condominium unit in Thailand by a foreign government for official use, such as for use as an embassy or consulate, is not covered by any specific legislation. Therefore, assuming that a foreign government intended to acquire land or other immovable property in Thailand for official use, such an acquisition […]

Reference Guide for Corporate Buyers of Land in Thailand

The requirements and legal procedures involved in buying land in Thailand as a company (particularly with foreign shareholders) is quite complex. Siam Legal has therefore compiled this reference guide to help its corporate clients prepare the necessary documents and evidence required in order to avoid needless mistakes and costly delays when appearing before the Land […]

Withdrawing Shareholder Meeting Resolutions

Withdrawing Shareholder Meeting Resolutions

Shareholder meetings play an important role in the governance of Thai limited companies since the Civil and Commercial Code require that limited companies be managed by the directors under the control of meetings of the shareholders (called “general meetings” in the Code). The primary instrument used by the general meetings to govern the company are […]

Setting Up Company Partnerships under Thai Law

Setting Up Company Partnerships under Thai Law

Setting Up Company Partnerships under Thai Law Siam Legal International | October 10, 2016 | Business in Thailand, Civil and Commercial Law, Company Law, Company Registration The Civil and Commercial Code of Thailand provides for the formation of partnerships as is found in the laws of other countries. However, partnerships are normally not formed by […]

Foreign Currency Requirements for Purchasing a Condo

Foreign Currency Requirements for Purchasing a Condo

The Condominium Act of 1979 is restrictive of foreign ownership of condominiums in Thailand, but generally allows it for foreigners who permanent residents, or those who have entered the country on an investment promotion visa, or for those who have fulfilled certain requirements related to the transfer or withdrawal of foreign currency. In regards to […]



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